Business Areas

Majority of us live in urban. We are living in days of informatization and international, thus cities continually change and plenty of projects has been in progress as redevelopment. Each of construction product that constitutes city has unique facilities and functions therefore required technology may different. A structure definitely is wired by cables as if blood vessels or nerves, and electric power as a lifeline runs lighting, air conditioning, devices and other equipment. A system that people using facilities unconsciously feel comfortable is our ideal. We will endeavor to approach to the “ideal” even a more step forward, not only by relying to our experienced know-how but also flexibly intake newer technologies and ideas. We face difficult challenges in our jobsites that we are not able to easily breakthrough just by referring work procedures. Not just compromising but patiently we achieve solutions by utilizing our experience and ideas. We put all of our efforts until we realize the best system. Jobsite is an ecole and a tough teacher for us.
“For everyone’s more wealthy lives and future”, Koikeda-Denko co. creates arteria in our cities.

Public Constructions

■ We experienced plenty of and a variety of public facilities such as schools and apartment houses ordered by Osaka Prefecture and Sakai City etc.
■ We strongly realize our contributions to local communities by serving for public facilities that local citizens widely use.
■ We also do project managements such as schedule control and engineering drawings issuance as a prime contractor.

Private Constructions

■ We serve for local factories, buildings, social service facilities and houses etc.
■ We feel motivated since we patiently listen to client’s request, and also we have many opportunities to proceed constructions by offering our most proper ideas being a professional of electric construction.
■ We serve in a consistent fashion starting from tendering, proposal, construction and invoicing in a smaller constructions.

Business Areas

Project Experience