We encourage people and society bright and lively.
We endeavor to make a Company who integrates our wish to share emotions and happiness.

Koikeda-Denko co., is a locally harmonized electric equipment construction company, based in Mihara-ku Sakai City Osaka Prefecture where richly endowed with nature.
We are eager to contribute to sustainable development of social through electric that is utilized day-to-day in our life.
Company have contributed to a variety of public facilities in cities of Osaka, Sakai and other areas in Osaka Prefecture.

We also believe that not only symphony and development of technology but also training younger engineers are our important missions. In our society that will further be more diverse, Company day-to-day move forward strongly to be a company who is supported, reliable and expected. We appreciate your support.

Kanji KOIKEDA, Koikeda-Denko co.

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